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Verge (XVG) Community on Blockchain Hoping to be Listed in Binance US

July 23, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Verge Currency is a secure and user-friendly digital currency which is built for everyday transactions.  The founder of the Verge Currency is USA based.  Though the team is international, they have lot of US members.

Reportedly, the Verge Community is very active and passionate in the US.  The Verge is 100% an open-source project which is run entirely by the volunteer community members.  The hard work of the community has led to numerous partnerships.

The Verge currency is built for everyday transactions.  The XVG members are community friendly and many of the community are hoping to see XVG listed in Binance US soon.  It is now listed in BitTrex Exchange.  They claim that they care about their supporters.

Mark et Crypto tweeted:  “Good day @BinanceUS and @renapshah @vergecurrency $XVG is 100% volunteer ran with a #worldwide support community of just under 1 million people. Our #vergefam embrace us because we care. We don’t stop moving forward. We have a very large family.”

The Development team have been working despite the bull or the bear market.  They say it is a pure community coin.  There is no IOC, no premine, no scam and it is a purely community coin.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Verge (XVG) are yet another player who are in the blockchain space to make payments to everyday users with software tailored for real-life requirements and applications.”

Verge (XVG) For the Privacy Conscious  

Verge undergoes halving every six months.  Verge recently completed halving to cut miner reward in to half.  Verge facilitates multiplatform support.  They claim to be truly decentralized with state of art blockchain security.  Being a PoW blockchain, the halving keeps the process sustained.

The miner rewards recently got reduced from 400 $XVG to 200 $XVG.

While the current halving process will not be worth the deal to sustain mining, the network is set for huge expansion over the forth coming years.  If the adoption accelerates, mining will be sustainable, otherwise they need to come up with new plans to keep the show running.

Those who are conscious about privacy, but to not like the hassle of making secure payments should check in to Verge.

Verge features, “Tor IP obfuscation and Dual-Key stealth addressing” and therefore no unwanted people are going to snoop in to the XVG stacks. It is already possible to send XVG to people who on Twitter, Discord and Telegram without having to install anything.  Thus, adoption is made incredibly easy.

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