Bitcoin Cash Meetup Antigua

Roger Ver on Antigua’s first Bitcoin Cash Meetup $10 XCD worth of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to be Given

September 9, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Roger Ver expressed that there’s more to life than the avoidance of death. He also expressed end the COVID19 lockdowns.

Rover Ver Tweeted: “Join us next week for Antigua’s first Bitcoin meetup! #Caribbean.”

Roger V. and Darren L. are hosting the first of Antigua’s first Bitcoin Cash meetup! 

The invitation read thus:  “Join us at Hemingways on Thursday, Sept 17th at 5PM to learn more about the money of the future, Bitcoin Cash!  The first 50 people to show up will receive $10 XCD worth of Bitcoin Cash to spend on your first drink, or anything else you want to do in life. 

At this event you will meet smart and friendly people who are also interested in the future of money: Bitcoin Cash.  This will be a fun social event, but proper social distancing measures will be taken.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Bitcoin Cash (BCH) many feel need to have some governance and structure and they also feel Bitcoin ABC should be given a chance. I feel kind of so… too. “

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin ABC Forking

Roger Ver tweeted:  “Bitcoin ABC and @deadalnix have announced that they are forking away from BitcoinCash on Nov 15th. We wish them good luck with their new coin and thank them for the free airdrop to all BCH holders.”

When one of the commentators stated, you do realize that a split might kick $BCH out of top 10 right? BCH doesn’t deserve to be driven without vision (via BCHN/BU). Why not give a chance for governance & structure with @Bitcoin_ABC?

Further someone clarified that it is not a split. It’s a fork. It will have no bearing on market cap. Unless people voluntarily decide to dump BCH. I assume most won’t place bets that a smaller newcomer is a better investment. They will likely hold both tokens or sell the new one.

Someone stated, you can’t print more Bitcoin. But you can keep forking the code. More competition for centralized mining pools. What a system – PoW doesn’t work.

A participant clarified stating, Bitcoin forks have been happening since the very beginning! Litecoin being the great example. Did this stop PoW? Of course not! Litecoin started when most of us didn’t even know what PoW (or bitcoin) was!

Some feel that they need to all accept defeat and get back to Bitcoin; however, this is something that will never happen. We need to see how lot of drama is ahead to unfold.