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Ethereum Classic Participants Working To protect Immutability of Transactions from 51% Attacks

September 21, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

ETC Cooperative are committed to the policy of transparency in the Ethereum Classic Ecosystem.  The achieved goals, milestones and financial are periodically published.  The collective development of the blockchain client codebase than Hyperledger Besu. Of note, Hyperledger Besu supports ETC.

ETC Classic Tweeted:  “Check out the @ETCCooperative’s newest network monitor site! It currently monitors some of the live @Hyperledger-#Besu nodes on ETC, including ones powering services like #BlockScout and #Ethercluster.”

The newest network monitor gives details of the best block, uncles, last block, avg block time, avg network hashrate, active nodes, gas price, gas limit, page latency, and uptime.  Also, details like block time, difficulty, block propagation, uncle count, transactions, gas spending, gas limit, and last block miners and uptime will be published.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ethereum Classic are committed to ensuring Client Diversity within ETC in a way to facilitate collective development of the blockchain client codebase. Right Choice! Sticking on to values.”

Ethereum Classic expressed, If MESS is adopted by the honest majority of #EthereumClassic nodes, it would raise chain state finality near-exponentially with negligible risk of network bifurcation.

In response, Vitalik Buterin expressed that he was excited to see ETC adopting weakly subjective fork choice rules to protect the immutability of transactions from being broken by 51% attacks!

Ethereum Classic (ETC) New People in the Team

There is a new Director of Developer Relations at ETC Cooperative.  They recently bid farewell to Yaz Khoury and they will be joined by Stevan Lohja as their new Director. Also, Classic Kevin Lord will be the Full Time Community Manager.

Steven Lohja recently tweeted:  “Coins with unlimited supply will continue to dilute you.” – Mashinsky – EthereumClassic: ~210 ml; Bitcoin: ~21 ml; Ethereum: Brrrrrr.”

When Yaz Khoury left, the community recollected on how he was an integral part of the growth and development of the open source project, particularly during the last few years. The community wished him the best of luck moving forward.  They expressed that they were grateful for all their contributions to ETC. The community recalled his amazing, positive spirit.

Classic Kevin Lord retweeted:  “It’s important to understand that due to 51% weakness of Proof-of-Work chains, waiting for longer confirmations is the only way to probabilistically reach transaction finality. Quantifying Immutability in ETC, BTC, and ETH. Quantifying Immutability in ETC, BTC, and ETH.”

The interesting thing is that small miners are supporting ETC regardless of the 80K confirmations.  They have affirmed that they will stand by ETC until all of the vulnerabilities are fixed and even after.

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