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EDC Blockchain advises to hold onto coins to enjoy high passive income in near future

April 5, 2019 Off By Steven Anderson

EDC blockchain is on a burning spree of late and has advised investors not to sell coins at the moment as they will enjoy a bigger selling price in near future.

News for EDC investors planning to sell their EDC coins. The next-gen crypto platform has requested investors to hold onto their coins and not to sell them lest they may miss an opportunity to enjoy a high passive income. The coin’s rate is scaling up by leaps and bounds which only implies potential for handsome earnings in near future for those who are patient enough to wait for a while.

So, why is it that EDC Blockchain is advising against selling?

As per the sources, EDC is on a coin-burning spree. 4.2 million EDC coins were burnt on Monday while 900 million+ were destroyed the last weekend.  Around 5.1 billion tokens have been already removed from turnover. As of now, just 4.9 billion EDC coins are in circulation. Total emission of EDC coins has been cut down to 100 million that will be generated via mining by 2040.

“Coin burning leads to a rise in asset prices. Akin to big shots like Binance or Antpool, EDC too has taken the initiative to burn its coins to pique the asset prices big time. The company is always focused on user convenience and want them to enjoy excellent income opportunities”, stated Sydney Ifergan, Marketing Advisor and brand ambassador of EDC blockchain.

“While EDC is on a ‘cleansing’ initiative, it’s better not to sell coins at the moment. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy high passive income is waiting for you in near future. The EDC prices are rising with each coin-burn session. But until & unless the  entire burning process is complete, EDC prices won’t reach to the optimum limit. After the ‘cleansing’ is complete, you will have the ‘most valuable’ asset in your wallet. Thus, on behalf of EDC, we are requesting all investors to hold onto their EDC coins till they land up with a magnum selling price.”

Previously known as E-Dinar, the EDC blockchain is a state of the art global multi-currency portal that comes with in-built coin constructor. The platform has developed a decentralized blockchain-based payment system that is capable of 100+ transactions in just 5 seconds with its state of the art DPOS algorithm. Founded in 2015, the EDC community has already exceeded 1 million users and the cryptocurrency is used by people across 57 countries. The EDC coin is driven by the noble mission to ensure adequate funds for everybody for quality living.

For more details, please visit: https://blockchain.mn/

CoinMarketcap link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/edc-blockchain/

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