Will Facebook and Amazon Eat Their Cryptocurrency Competitors?

Maheen Hernandez By Maheen Hernandez April 30, 2019 Off
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The currencies issued by Amazon and Facebook are very important in the global economy.  Cryptocurrencies have influenced the interests of people in digital currencies.

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to make micropayments economically sustainable.  This inturn will meaningfully impact the way in which cross-border remittances are sent.

This can evolve to be a money system that is safe and practical for economic interactions. 

Market crash, security issues, fraud, and regulatory challenges have complicated the adoption of cryptocurrency. 

There is a proliferation of cryptocurrencies thereby creating uncertainty and questions about which one is better. Transaction platforms, which provide for cryptocurrency exchange between investors are adding to the value of the cryptocurrencies furthering adoption.

The sustainability value differs between transaction platforms, and several of such platforms consider introducing a new cryptocurrency.  These currencies of the specific exchanges become centralized currencies.  The exchanges provide the rules for governing the use of the currencies.

Cryptocurrencies are meant to become fully functional thereby replacing the currencies issued by the state; however, the currencies issued by specific exchanges mainly concentrate on a particular objective.

The investors are contemplating whether a non-sovereign, yet giant online company like Facebook will launch a cryptocurrency with a potential to compete with the USD or any other fiat currency.

Gaming companies and small businesses will be able to accept Facebook credits. While several online giants like Amazon stepping into the market go capture an edge, several other virtual currencies like TCAT tokens are also beginning to emerge.

People have been losing Bitcoin due to human error.  This might also happen with other types of cryptocurrencies. And, it is not possible to understand cryptocurrencies without understanding the technical aspects of the tokens.  The algorithm, proof of work, and proof of stakes should all be discussed.

Despite all of these common evolutionary struggles, some of the tokens prevail over others.  The company that competes and orients itself with the design features will lead the innovation and improve the way in which people pay for things.

There are specific needs that money serves, and whether a cryptocurrency will function as money or serve particular economic needs, they are designed for.

The early version of Facebook coincidentally had Zuckerberg work with Winklevoss Twins as they were students at Harvard. Winklevoss twins co-founded the Gemini Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.  They have increased their personal fortunes along the way by building up sizeable stores of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.