Micropayments for Bite-Sized services at Negligible Cost is possible only with Cryptocurrency

By Steven Anderson October 28, 2019 Off
Micropayments cryptocurrency

A revolution in the micropayments sector is expected out of cryptocurrencies like XRP.  When it comes to moving value, people are in dire need of a technology that will help them to move micro value.

Navin Gupta, Ripple’s managing director for Southeast Asia, Middle East, and North Africa, stated, “Let’s assume [the website] already has millions of subscribers and it’s reaching a saturation point. It wants to give you the right to read just one article at 10 cents… But there is no payment system in the world today, which can accept 10 cents from Emily and pay it to [a publisher].

Being able to provide for micropayments at a reasonable cost at a fast pace is not easy, and this is possible only with technologies like the crypto.  Micropayments can be provided at the most negligible cost. Most of the bite-size services will need micropayments.

Another potential use case for the micropayments will be in the video gaming industry. Hundreds and millions of customers are waiting for such services.  The pent-up demand is so much, and there is no reliable micropayment system available now.

President Xi’s Blockchain Comments have led to a surge in the Chinese Altcoins.  Universities seem to be coming up with blockchain courses overnight.  The aftermath of Xi’s comments is pushing the blockchain into the mainstream infrastructure and culture. Initiatives from the local municipals regarding blockchain technology are expected very soon.  The ripple effect is catching up.

The primary beneficiary of president Xi’s comment was the Bitcoin; however, the influence has spread to other Altcoins like TCAT tokens and a range of other Chinese Altcoins like Nebulas (NAS): 53.1%; NEO (NEO): 30.2%; Ontology (ONT): 50%; QTUM (QTUM): 27%; TRON (TRX): 17.1%; and VeChain (VET): 25.3%.

The weekly Dapp report from the TRON Foundation projects that the Tron Dapps have begun to grow in their number from last week.  However, the average number of users has not changed yet. Tron has issued more than 12% of the overall USDT token supply.

There are a total of 4.1 million Tether tokens in circulation. The new volume is because of the 100 million new TRC20 USDT tokens added to the pool.

TRON is reportedly focusing on creating a global digital content entertainment system, which might be free and made accessible to all.  The system is set to provide for the ease and cost-effective sharing of digital content. Tron has recently partnered with Simplex to ensure fraud-free transactions on the network.