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Though Stellar Is Not Popular, It Serves Purposes Similar To Ripple

November 18, 2019 Off By Steven Anderson

The vision and strategy of SDF have always been in core about distributing Lumen.  The network is now big enough, and mass distribution makes a lot of sense.  Stellar provides simple asset issuance protocols.  Stellar has established fiat endpoints across the world.

Asset-backed fiat tokens provide for cheaper and faster financial systems to users with a real, local impact.

The vision of stellar lumens is to move all assets from currencies to carbon credits over the internet with ease.  This is coming to reality.

The multinational user base of Stellar will be able to grow aided by the secure and user-friendly way to hold, send, and receive digital assets with blockchain technology.

The crypto curious users, as well as those users who are well-experienced, are looking to gain access to the next generation of crypto assets.

Stellar is looking forward to supporting the user base in the next few months as new lumens will be distributed to its community members.

Jed McCaleb, CTO, and founder of Stellar recently spoke about Bitcoin, Mt. Gox, and Stellar. At the Coin Agenda, 2019, he has been discussing with Michael Tarpin about his journey to Bitcoin and his interest in the cryptocurrency space.

He has been telling about how he did not believe in the possibility of solving the double-spend problem until he read the white paper. He stated that to be the reason for the formation of Mt. Gox exchange as there was not any way to buy or sell the Bitcoin.

At present, though Stellar is not popular, it serves a purpose similar to Ripple. And several other not so popular tokens like TCAT tokens serve a purpose.

A stellar tweet read thus:  “Hey, New York City! The #Stellar Pioneers are hosting a Meetup this coming Thursday, November 21, and you’re invited. It’s a great chance to meet fellow blockchain enthusiasts like @samconnerone and learn more about the #Stellar network.”

The Stellar blockchain meet up is on November 21, 2019, at FIC Network and Sam Conner’s Meridian Recap at 10 Crosby St, New York, NY.

Presentation 1: Fixed Income Tokenization and Trading on the Stellar Blockchain w/ FIC Network. Presenter: Arturs Invanovs, founder and CEO of FIC Network.  Presentation 2: Stellar Meridian Recap. Presenter: Sam Conner.  It is not clear if there will be live streaming of the event.

Stellar Lumens was not able to settle past the $0.0800 and $0.0820 resistances against the US Dollar.  The price of the XLM is declining, and it is trading below the $0.0750 level.  Key Resistance Levels – $0.0730, $0.0750, and $0.0800.