Crypto expert Sydney Ifergan extends support for Akon’s new revolutionary cryptocoin that aims to unite Africa

By TCA PR November 24, 2019 Off
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Akoin is a new breakthrough cryptocurrency launched by iconic singer Akon which is aimed to unify Africa and provide potential opportunities for young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Leading crypto expert Sydney Ifergan has recently expressed great hopes for legendary singer Akon’s new cryptocoin. Titled “Akoin” the revolutionary cryptocoin is driven by the mission to unite Africa. The coin is also aimed to create potential opportunities and inclusions for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Akoin cryptocurrency will be available across the 54 countries of the entire African continent.

“I am extremely positive about Akon’s new cryptocoin ‘Akoin’. I had the good fortune of meeting the iconic artist at Malta during The Malta Blockchain Summit and we had a wonderful discussion at the conference. I had already heard about his crypto project previously and it was a great thing to meet the man in person and know about the project from him only. The Akoin ecosystem is one of the best things to happen to Africa in contemporary times. As a part of the crypto world, both me and my site TCA, are proud to support the project”, stated Mr. Ifergan.

Despite housing 15% of the world’s population and abundance of natural resources, Africa is still the least developed continent in the world. Over 40% of African population thrives on less than 1 dollar a day. Worse, the continent is frequently struggling from menaces like terrorism and civil wars. Such a hostile situation makes it extremely hard for young entrepreneurs to create and build businesses. These ongoing issues have also been thwarting sustainable development in Africa for a pretty long time. And this is where Akoin comes to help.

“What’s the most beautiful aspect of Akoin Ecosystem is that it’s aimed to unlock the prospects of the largest emerging economy of the world via its trusted cryptocurrency. The unique project will bring in real-life and digital tools and services to innovate and boost excellent revenue-generating opportunities. We are thankful to Akon for launching such a system that is guided by the great vision of youth entrepreneurship empowerment and re-enforcement of economic stability and growth across Africa and also the world. At TCA, we are always looking to uphold such empowering projects that could make the world a better place to live in.”

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