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What Denelle Dixon Stellar Development Foundation CEO like about Keybase Is It the 150,000 Genuine Signups

December 14, 2019 Off By Steven Anderson

Stellar recently announced an airdrop on the encryption app.  The sooner the announcement was made, the spammers flocked the site.  However, when the word was out, that no more crypto in an airdrop, spammers went back, and the traffic dropped drastically. For almost a week now, the price of the token has been trending sideways.  

Overall Market Cap

The overall market cap is losing grounds, and the price is flowing down from $200 billion to $191 Billion. The cost can slide down to $189 million.

Overall Uptick and Downtrend in Trends

The airdrop led to the coming in of more people to Keybase to get the benefits of the airdrop, and there was an overall uptick in the traffic.  However, the Keybase’s partnership with the Stellar Development Foundation to airdrop 2 billion XLM to users of the app over 20 months.  It did not last long as spammers were pulling tricks out of their hats.

Keybase now states that “The total giveaway amount will have been 300 million Lumens (approximately USD 16,000,000).”

Malicious Players End AirDrop

Airdrops are hard to get, malicious players, put an end to the good of genuine investors.  The goal of the airdrop was achieved as their primary focus was to inspire several people about XLM and Keybase.  Despite the abrupt stopping of the airdrop, the project is a success. XLM is now usable in KeyBase, and that is a good thing.

XLM and Stellar Achieve Their Goal Despite Airdrop Stopping Halfway

Max Krohn, CEO of Keybase, stated, “It was an interesting experiment,” Krohn said. “In the end, it achieved the goal of getting more numbers onto Keybase and more people onto Stellar.”

What Denelle Dixon Liked About Keybase

Denelle Dixon, Stellar Development Foundation CEO, stated, “They had developed a lot of interesting activities for users,” she said, such as easily sharing XLM within a chat. “We were excited about it because we liked what Keybase stands for.”

Human Behavior vs. Spammers Filtered 150,000 Genuine Signups

SMS verification and a few other filters were used to differentiate between human-like behaviors. After the filtration process, 150,000 Genuine Signups made it through.

Spam Blocking

Stellar’s Dixon hopes to have more talented people who can take up spam blocking. In her response to the abrupt end of their plan, she was philosophical about the spammers ending their airdrop too early.  She stated, “That’s just part of dealing with life on the web, especially when you do it in the open.”