Hasu Says Crypto Banking Race Results in Cheaper and Accessible Financial Services

By Steven Anderson January 7, 2020 Off
Crypto Banking

The Great Race to Becoming the First Crypto Banking Company Leads to More Accessible and Cheaper Financial Services

Due to the stern competition amongst cryptocurrency service providers, financial services are becoming accessible and reasonable. This is according to the latest analysis of Hasu, a renowned researcher of cryptocurrency.

The Importance of Asset Under Management

Coming from various places and regions, cryptocurrency firms share one objective of becoming digital currency banks. The premier pointer of achievement of these companies will be Asset Under Management, or also known as AUM that they monetize by fiscal services. In the future, we will witness the stern competition between crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, as well as custodians move from straight development. This is where they have been gathering resources to vertical addition that enable users to gain more assets. This is what the researcher said in an interview last week. In the course of becoming a bank, the fiscal service will also become accessible far and wide and, most of all, reasonable compared to previous years.

While there is a growing increase in exchange valuable, cryptocurrency is believed to be a very unsafe industry for presents to rest on their laurels. The merge of regulatory arbitrage, high client mobility, as well as digital offering, leads to innovative or die setting for companies.

What is going on in the world of digital currency at this point? Hasu answered, there is a race or competition towards consolidation and becoming the premier bank for digital currency. Crypto exchanges are rushing to democratize and adopt access to financial services well-known from conventional finance, and this will take place faster than you expect. According to Hasu, there are three low hanging fruits such as tax services, payments as well as interest accounts. These are vital traits Hasu envisages will be a norm offering for each exchange in the future.

Hasu also made various kinds of conclusions, such as:

  • In a day of progressively more zero- or off-putting interest rate in conventional money or currency, the interest accounts of cryptocurrency can be an opportunity to keep current users and draw new users, with the yield coming from various sources such as staking, resulting in exchange- internal financial markets as well as liquidity stipulation and exchange external lending.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges stop their clients from withdrawing their money and run after their yield. Therefore, they will begin acting as a principal broker.
  • Also, the exchange will make networks of payment that span both merchants and other transactions for clients to do business with.
  • It will make it understandable and straightforward for exchanges to get crypto as a business and to spend it as a consumer or user.
  • The idea of crypto-supported credit cards like MasterCard and Visa can take off at last.

Digital currency exchanges must invest more in tax services due to many reasons like both the company and the consumers want to keep away from money going out of the digital currency space to the taxman through liquidity administration as well as tax-loss yielding. Another reason is that ambiguity and doubt over taxes, as well as how to compute them boost the financial and mental expenses of spending as well as holding digital currency.

According to the report, renowned digital currency exchanges are anticipated in introducing some platforms and traits made to make financial services more manageable and, at the same time, draw new clients in the coming months.