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8 Leading NEO DApps with Vast Potential


Distributed applications or DApps play a crucial role in the advancement of the blockchain ecosystem. Often referred to as a competitor to Ethereum, NEO has its massive collection of dApps that are in several stages of development.

Here’s the list of the eight dApps that are worth considering, as all of these deliver current and future potentials.

  1. FTW

Blockchain and online gaming seem to be a robust combination. FTW handles this idea by presenting an entirely decentralized gaming ecosystem. The project can deliver more fairness and transparency to the online gaming market by leveraging the potential of NEO smart contracts.


  1. NEX

NEX platform strives to be a decentralized exchange leveraging the NEO blockchain. This project utilizes an off-chain matching engine to provide complicated and quicker traders across different blockchains simultaneously.


  1. NEO Health

NEO Health strives to establish the most innovative clinical decision support tool and information resource. The venture can leverage every native advantage the specific ecosystem has to deliver by using NEO blockchain.


  1. AdEx

AdEx strives to make it simpler for advertisers to reach the target audience. They make sure marketing budgets will offer corporations the appropriate bang for their buck. All users of the dApps can monetize their online influence through connecting with reliable advertisers and get paid for high-quality traffic.


  1. HashPuppies

In case you didn’t know yet, collectibles are nothing new in the blockchain technology market. The majority of projects establish tokenized assets on Ethereum. On the other hand, HashPuppies do the same thing for NEO. The project enables users to collect, breed, and cultivate virtual dogs. It will let them give an online competition touch to the game.


  1. Red Pulse

The platform Red Pulse is extremely different from other projects on the list. It’s considered a tokenized research ecosystem that concentrates its attention mainly on China. It is an event-driven platform that includes each market segment influencing Chinese corporations, and the entire economy.


  1. Alphacat

Aphacat strives to deliver a marketplace for those robo-advisors. These robo-advisors concentrates on cryptocurrency investments. The platform is designed totally on the blockchain of NEO. It will deliver predictive investment tools, big data, and support AI as well.


  1. NeoAuth

NeoAuth is an online authentication solution which is sourced on the NEO blockchain. It’s an open source dApp which enables users access supported services through employing NEO wallet address.

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