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Comparison between different Cryptocurrency Projects to Achieve Futuristic Ideals


Vitalik Buterin is making a lot of comparison between different cryptocurrency projects. Very soon, CEOs of top companies might compare giant cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to beginner tokens like TCAT tokens in an attempt to arrive at futuristic ideals.

One cryptocurrency is trying to differentiate itself from another by being indispensable in one way or the other. 

Platforms like Freelance for Coins give the users with the ability to offer bids and facilitates publishing of bills. Investors can make use of the chat facility to communicate with the offers.  Crypto invoices are also facilitated. It is expected for this system to help create a very efficient global workforce. The friction in the payment process can greatly be reduced using this payment method.

Payglobal facilitates fiat currency transfers by making use of existing bank cards.  Registered customers with this service will be able to receive funds by bank transfers, alternative payments, debit card, and with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The company has to state that “Customers will thus be able to get paid in innovative ways.”

Giora Tal elaborated stating that “Converting cryptocurrency to fiat and further sending it to the existing bank card through the regulated e-wallet platform provides customers with quick and easy access to their funds worldwide.” The Gig economy is expected to last and evolve because the entire process takes place after due KYC checks. This is a lot of conveniences particularly for the family to family remittances.

As opposed to hardware wallets, mobile wallets are gaining popularity.  These wallets provide the convenience of accessing the funds from anywhere in the world using the mobile phone.  Versions are being developed for all possible mobile operating systems used across the world.

The price perception and value issues related to cryptocurrency are being widely debated; however, on the other side of the market segment adoption of the cryptocurrency for different purposes is becoming popular and so are remittance methods.

There are a growing number of platforms accepting cryptocurrencies for delivery food, which is set to be a repeat process once the customer gets the hang of using cryptocurrencies to buy their food.

There are adverse situations where businesses who began offering to accept cryptocurrency payments continuing to wait for someone to make use of this payment option. Mass adoption is the key to having most of the customers pay with cryptocurrency.

Seymour Locksmiths have failed in their attempt to help their customers pay their bills using cryptocurrencies ever since the year 2014. Uniformity is yet to be achieved.  This mixed scenario did not prevent new coins like TCAT tokens making it to the market either.

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