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Crypto Newbies: Welcome to The Wonderful World of Cryptocurrency!


Welcome!! Welcome to the wonderful world of cryptocurrency. Everyone starts off as a Crypto Newbie. I was a rookie in 2016. Regardless of how or why you got interested in cryptocurrency or blockchain, I want to extend to you a warm welcome. Your life now as you know it, will now change as you become familiar with the cryptocurrency jungle. Initially, it might be a bit confusing as you acclimate yourself with new terms such as “FUD,” or “DYOR.” You’ll get the hang of it. Keep on asking questions on Twitter, YouTube, Telegram or an online crypto news platform.

Sometimes people ask me, “What did you do to learn more about cryptocurrency.” Answer: I literally read anything and everything on the subject. By the way, three years later and I’m still doing that. I remember having SO MANY questions about what I was reading. At first, I had no one to “talk to” about this. This led me to Twitter and YouTube.

When I opened a Twitter account, I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone was. Whenever I would ask a question, it was amazing how many people would try to help me. It was super encouraging and educational. I was never shy about being a “crypto newbie” on Twitter. It was great to freely interact with people who were much more wise and knowledgeable on the subject. I’m still doing this today. There is always something new to learn about. I love it. Hopefully, you won’t get discouraged at how little you know at the beginning. Hang in there and keep on asking questions!! You’ll be glad you did.

What an adventure YouTube has been in helping me learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain. There are literally millions of YouTube videos you can watch on just about any subject. When I was a crypto newbie, I would listen to videos 2 to 4 hours everyday. YouTube also allows for you to comment on each video you watch. I still enjoy watching videos and asking questions. 

Telegram is another great opportunity to interact with specific projects. Almost every crypto token or project can be viewed on Telegram. This is another avenue to learn, ask questions and interact with the team. It’s not uncommon for someone on Telegram to answer your question almost immediately. Consider this as another option in learning more about cryptocurrency.

Lastly, online crypto news platforms are an excellent way to grow in your understanding about anything related to crypto news. I’m a contributor to The Currency Analytics. I believe in the project and the team. I’d like to tell you a little about them.

TheCurrencyAnalytics.com is one of the leading resources about anything and everything one would like to know about the contemporary crypto space. The online platform covers every topic related to digital currency. Visitors will also find a separate section on regulations in the crypto scene. 

The Currency Analytics is on a mission to help educate its online audience about all the nuances as well as latest developments in the cryptocurrency world. The Currency Analytics also emphasizes the most impartial, authentic and well-researched news reports. The site also offers daily data on live crypto market. Please consider subscribing to their newsletter.

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