Ayobami Abiola

I am Ayobami Abiola from Nigeria. I am a Cryptocurrency enthusiast who like to write about creative and great innovations- The wonders of the blockchain technology.

Finance News

Finance News

After Weathering, These Crypto Rocks Still Stand- Here’s Why

! Herein is the opinion of the writer, not financial advice. Take heed

Finance News

Will Facebook Libra recently Dubbed Diem Still face the Same Charges if it wasn’t a Stablecoin?

December 1st, Facebook Libra announced its new name- Diem. According to many analy...

Finance News

Cardano (ADA) Steers into The Future: Path to Full Decentralization and more Use Cases

Cardano continues strong on its path to full decentralization as IOHK delivered on...

Crypto Exchanges

Alphaex Hot Wallets Compromised and Xinfin’s Ethereum based XDCE stolen- Community Advised to Halt Tradings on DEXes

Around noon on December 3, Xinfin supporters began witnessing abnormality in the X...

Finance News

Crypto Never Sleep, So Should You- in Terms of Security. Stellar (XLM) Built High-Security Walls

Bitcoin is rallying to hit its all-time high. Many people are pumped with the opin...

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