Victor Ugochukwu

Victor Ugochukwu is a graduate of Business Admin from the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria. Fascinated by new techs such as blockchain, AI, deep learning and startups growth, he has been actively involved in the blockchain industry since 2015 working with startups in areas such as strategy, digital marketing and corporate communications and growth. He is also a contributing author in other reputable finance and cryptocurrency related publications. Connect with him on LinkedIn for more opportunities

Altcoins News

Altcoins News

South East Asia’s Growing Cryptocurrency Industry Faces Threats from North Korea’s Hack Groups

Countries in Southeast Asia have continually demonstrated their strong interest in cryptocurrencies which m...

Finance News

One of the Earliest Adopters of Bitcoin, Julian Assange Co-founder of Wikileaks Arrested

After about seven years of evading the radar of the international enforcement agen...

Finance News

Swiss Regulator FINMA drives last nail on Envion AG Coffin Ruling Unlawful ICO as Claims

Swiss’ equivalent of the SEC, FINMA has concluded its investigation of the Envion ...

Altcoins News

Ethereum Co-founder Buterin Takes a Jab at Cypherpunks Pushing them to Embrace A Broader Approach at Solving Societal Issues

Vitalik is reported to have taken a bolder position by urging the larger cryptocur...

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