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Bitcoin NewYork to fight for financial protection of betrayed B2X investors

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Bitcoin2X investors have been badly betrayed by New York Agreement signers. The NYA signers have dismissed the new Bitcoin2X cryptocurrency out of the blue leading to a massive 90% loss of investment in just minutes! It was undoubtedly a sheer act of hypocrisy. These are the same signers who had officially announced the creation of Bitcoin2x to solve the Bitcoin scaling debate through the NYA last year. Worst, the decision to dismiss the new Bitcoin fork was imposed without any warning and B2X traders were not given any opportunity to protect their investments from the sudden dismissal.

So, what about the promises made by the New York Agreement? Who will compensate for the huge losses incurred by the innocent B2X investors? They  have done no wrong but are being forced to suffer due to the whims and fancies of some insensible decision makers.
And this is where Bitcoin NewYork comes to the rescue.
Bitcoin NewYork has come forward to fight against the betrayal of B2X traders by the New York Agreement signers. The organization is spearheaded by a team of Bitcoin investors who are dedicated to continue with the B2X project to ensure the financial protection of B2X investors. Bitcoin NewYork will enable B2X users to decide the termination or continual of B2X by focusing on certain core action plans-

  • Changing of mining algorithm to GPU mining. The organization has proposed Dynamic Difficulty Adjusted (DDA) mining every two blocks
  • Solid decentralization plan to protect 2M+Segwit
  • Addition of 2-way replay attack protection
  • No pre-mining
  • Fork height should be 494784
  • Recruitment of developer volunteers and all of them should be paid by Bitcoin BTC2 bounty
  • Change of project name to Bitcoin NewYork, BTC2

It’s to stress here that Bitcoin NewYork is not only aspiring to continue with B2X but has also proposed to address the potential risk of new Bitcoin fork- replay attack.

Bitcoin2X was created to increase the block size of Bitcoin blocks 2x to improve the transaction speed. With Bitcoin getting popular with each passing day, enhanced transaction speed became the need of the hour to cater to increasing number of BTC users. And, B2X seemed to the most reasonable solution which led to the formation of the famous NYA. Consequently, a number of cryptocurrency investors invested their hard-earned savings in B2X. But now, with the sudden dismissal of B2X by NYA signers, the future of all these innocent B2X investors is at stake. Put simply, their financial security is in danger.

It’s high time that NYA signers pay heed to the crisis and support Bitcoin NewYork.

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