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ICO Industry Welcomes Long-Overdue, Transparent Advisor Site

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The total amount of money raised by ICOs throughout all of 2017 has been surpassed in the first five months of 2018, yet there are still many deficits in the ICO world that leave investors wanting more. Among the biggest problems– being able to trust ICO advisor-ranking channels.

The platforms that drive the modern ICO advisor search offer little insight into the actual ability of advisers. More than one highly-ranked advisor has fallen from ranks after being outed as fraudulent or under investigation, yet on paper, this advisor seemed to be well-rooted in the ICO world. How do you grapple with someone that looks good on paper, but does very little once the ink on the check is dried?

A brand new ICO advisor-ranking ecosystem is fighting to preserve the integrity of the few good, hardworking advisors that are remaining. ICO’s Advisors is the first website that is created by advisors and for advisors. It offers a refreshingly new approach to the way that real advisors can make themselves known to the wider ICO community. The ranking system on ICO’s Advisors is uniquely constructed in a way to showcase the talented, hard-working advisors that are building the blockchain community.

To become a member of the ICO’s Advisors platform, an advisor must already be an advisor of an ICO. A person cannot create a profile without prior experience as an advisor. This ensures that no one builds a profile and scams their way onto projects without any relevant experience first.

The ICO’s Advisors platform has been uniquely designed with search features which allow users to select advisors based on specialty. You can choose from 7 different advisor categories such as blockchain experts, legal experts, or PR experts. This type of search feature optimizes the way that you can select advisors (based on specific specialties, not some general page ranking metric). It is impossible for one advisor to be an expert at everything, so highlighting a particular skill set further ensures that advisors are hired for the right reasons.

You should not have to continue dealing with fraudulent advisor websites that merely promote the pay-to-play type of environment. These are not healthy for the stability of the ICO market, nor are they healthy for the individual success of specific projects. ICOs and ICO advisors have a symbiotic relationship in which the success of one depends and rallies upon the success of the other. ICO’s Advisors showcases that symbiosis. This platform is the future of transparency in the ICO advisor-ranking system.


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