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Eurasian Blockchain Association Takes Legal Action against the Internet Giants

The cryptocurrency and blockchain associations in South Korea, China and Russia are formed to take a legal ...


Two Biggest Crypto Currency Exchanges Might Exit Asia Due to Unfeasible Policies

Bitfinex and Binance, two of the biggest crypto currency exchanges on global digital currency markets might...


Yahoo Japan to Promote Cryptocurrency

Yahoo Japan Corporation, a tech giant and subsidiary of Softbank Group and Yahoo is joining the industry of...


Blockchain and Gaming Joined Together with the Help of Ethereum

Having the capacity to adapt any life-ranging phase every day, from good’s inventory to international trans...


Peter Yeo shared XinFin’s vision to support Korean market at Daejeon Convention, Korea on March 27, 2018

XinFin, a Singapore based Blockchain Technology firm, attended the "Daejeon Convention Meet" held at Daejeo...

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