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The Bitcoin news in this section will help you with what to expect in the now, tomorrow and the day after.  You will learn what moves the market.

Bitcoin News

China Evergrande Group Tumbles Down Bitcoin (BTC) Price

Due to the impact of Evergrande, Bitcoin dropped 5.4%, down $45,025 as of 9:49 a.m. in London, touching the...

Bitcoin News

If Bitcoin (BTC) is a Good Investment It Doesn’t Need to be Hyped

Michael Saylor expressed:  The winners are monetary technology, energy technology, computer technology, ent...

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin BTC ETF in October could be a Game Changer

Bitcoin ETF approval is expected to open the door for more conservative investors.  This is expected to hav...

Bitcoin News

Concept of “We Are All Satoshi” Personified in Imposing Bronze Statue of Bitcoin (BTC) God

Bitcoin's anonymous founder, known by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto hailed the leader and founding father ...

Bitcoin News

Bears Might Take Control of Bitcoin (BTC) With the Floor at $39,000

BTC is trending in the $47,000 ranges. Reportedly, if bears take over the floor is expected to be at $39,00...

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