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Binance CEO apologizes for wrong tweet about XinFin XDCE

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Binance CEO has officially sought apology from world’s first hybrid blockchain XinFin for mistakenly blacklisting XinFin token XDCE on the basis of a fake news spread by some unknown airdrop group.

binance appologiesOctober 8, 2018: Mr. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the esteemed crypto exchange Binance, has officially apologized for his wrong tweet about XinFin XDCE token. He had previously slammed XinFin on Twitter being misguided by a fake report about XDCE’s listing on Binance but immediately sought apology when he learned XinFin was never involved in spreading the rumor.

“It all started yesterday (October 7, 2018) when a fake post stormed the Telegram world declaring that XinFin XDCE will be listed on Binance. It immediately caught the attention of the Binance CEO and he was naturally infuriated. He took no time to nullify the rumor and also posted a tweet on the social media site snubbing XinFin. He even declared to ‘blacklist’ the coin on Binance and made it clear that XDCE will never have a place on the prestigious exchange”, stated crypto experts Sydney Ifergan, who is also the senior advisor of XinFin and the chief of top crypto news site The Currency Analytics.

binance blacklistBut unfortunately, the entire chaos was created by some airdrop group who spread the fake news without any sort of permission or discussion with XinFin. However, the miscreant group soon came to light and Mr. Zhao too got to know that the declaration was not made by XinFin. And being a true professional, the Binance CEO took no time to clear the confusion and seek apology from the blockchain platform before everybody on Twitter.

XinFin is world’s FIRST hybrid blockchain platform which is backed by the best of both the public and private blockchain systems. The enterprise-ready blockchain platform is driven by the mission to ameliorate international trade & finance by eliminating the problems plaguing the global infrastructure development scene. Thanks to its state of the art hybrid infrastructure, XinFin is able to guarantee more flexibility, security, auditability, simplicity and quicker transaction time compared to other blockchain counterparts.

The XinFin token, XDCE, is swappable ERC20 token which assures many cutting-edge benefits for traders, private investors and institutional-level partners. The coin is easily compatible with all decentralized exchanges and is tradable on a broad array of exchanges. It will consequently help the traders with faster and high-volume trades through multiple range of exchanges.

link of the orignal xinfin tweet : https://twitter.com/XinfinF/status/1049177276540022785

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