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Bitmora Exchange Will Launch Next Month


Bitmora isn’t an average exchange. The company is doing everything in a different way this time. From their low prices down to their distinctive voting system; they have already set out to be a huge candidate in 2018. Bitmora has obtained a few partnerships, one of which is along with AlphaPoint, a premier Fintech provider headquartered in New York.

They have their order books linked with Bitfinex and Bitstamp and have brought in a robust banking relationship. Ultimately, Bitmora is one of the first exchanges together with Coinbase and Poloniex to submit a registration to the SEC to be completely regulated and legal. Bitmora is in the ideal position to transform the future of exchanges and to bring genuine trust to them.

Since 2017, some exchanges have substantially enhanced. Nonetheless, some problems still were not handled. To start, customer support and verification periods can be cumbersome and long. Bitmora is launching along with live phone support, and they guarantee twelve hours or less ticket response periods to fix the problem of waiting days and weeks for a query to be answered.

This past year, the news that surrounds cryptocurrency exchanges hasn’t been great. Everything from hacks, money laundering, and fraud has come to use on countless exchanges. With Bitmora striving to be an SEC-registered ATS in the United States, the transparency, and oversight they needed to offer to the public are greater than any other before.

Not just has Bitmora brought in real innovation, but they are also striving to be the very first cryptocurrency exchange to provide complete flat trading support. It denotes you can deposit funds with your debit card or bank account and trade it between all pairs, together with complete withdrawal support. While it is not still confirmed if this will be ready for launch, the team of Bitmora has claimed that the flat support will be ready shortly after the launch.

The future of Bitmora is undoubtedly bright. Last week, the company announced they have already put their DEX (Decentralized Exchange) on the drawing board. Not much data has been released yet, but it is said it would’ve most of the same features as their existing centralized exchange. As the estimated release date for this hasn’t been confirmed.

Bitmora has a lot to provide while their community backing is fairly low, they do not seem too daunted by it. They had seen their ups and downs over the past few years when they first publicized development, but they have proved that they could become a huge competition to some of the gigantic exchanges that are currently available on the market.

Bitmora will host a completely functional mobile application, established user voting system and around-the-clock support staff to offer a superb trading experience. Over 40 cryptocurrency pairs will trade on the platform, along with margin trading accessible on the first day. The server and network of Bitmora will be scalable and will offer various failover engines in the case of DDoS attack.

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