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Ethereum slumps to 8.9 Percent – Bitcoin down by 2.1 percent

Bloomberg composite pricing reported, Bitcoin to have lost 2.1 percent and the biggest rival of Bitcoin – Ethereum slumped by 8.9%.

The Ether sell off trend is deepening than ever before and Ether is seen to lead the declining trends of all cryptocurrency.  The market capitalization of digital assets is down to $196 billion.

Ryan Rabaglia, the head of trading at OSL in Hong Kong, remarked, “The temporary suspension of these products led to an initial knee-jerk reaction,” however, reinstated that, “But ultimately, it’s just another obstacle for the market to overcome.”

Robust pricing solutions are pretty critical for investors.  Global regulators are increasingly demanding detailed disclosures and strict risk measurement processes, it is critical to have a meaningful transparency about data.

Bloomberg combines data, analytics, and trading flow in a way to support the price discovery, regulatory reporting as well as execution.  Bloomberg Capital Markets Package (BCMP) is known for providing with unparalleled levels in the transparency of price, particularly with respect to trading activities.

The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index for the major virtual currencies went down by 4.1 per cent to 392.68 at 8:28am in London, eventually leading to its lowest price line since mid-November.  Ether fell down to $199.05 and Bitcoin burrowed to $6.313.51.

In the recent months it is being commonly seen that the Ether is tumbling quickly than Bitcoin.  The reason for this tumble down being the many block chain technology based corporations and firms are cashing out on Ether.

There are several startups who raised their initial coin offerings with Ether from their investors, and when it comes to spending for their salaries, development costs and other expenditures they are having to cash out their Ether.

And, this downtrend has spiked following the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s move of temporarily suspending trading in two of its exchange-traded notes that were linked to cryptocurrencies.

“The rhetoric around ICOs continuing to unload their raise proceeds on the market remains valid,” Rabaglia remarked, “It’s hard to see how that story line will go away any time soon.”

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin stated, “the days of explosive growth in the blockchain industry have likely come and gone.”

It is likely that the broader adoption of digital asset types might take longer than anticipated.  And, this perception is despite the fact that Citigroup Inc, has come up with mechanisms of digital asset receipts.  The DAR or the digital asset receipts will be used to enable trading by way of proxy, where there will be no direct ownership of the underlying coins.

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