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Little Detective launches innovative Progress And Lessons Analyzer- currently offering 15% bonus on ICO

Little Detective has incorporated the brand new Progress And Lessons Analyzer in its blockchain edutainment platform which will work to check and analyze the progress of users in regards to lesson plans undertaken

Singapore, august 8th 2018 : Next-gen blockchain edutainment platform Little Detective is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative functionality for its multimedia education ecosystem. Titled “Progress And Lessons Analyzer”, the new feature is a primary component that will gauge the efficacy of the platform for each user and will also guide users to choose the right lesson.

Little Detective is currently running its ICO with 15% bonus for the investors.

Launched by Ixtus Edutainment, Little Detective is a revolution in the crypto and the modern tech-driven educational worlds. As a state of the art interactive edutainment platform powered by blockchain, it takes the existing multimedia education format a notch higher and assures easy access to education for large numbers & isolated communities worldwide. The platform is targeted to children between 3-8 years of age.

The new Progress and Lesson Analyzer functionality in Little Detective is designed to synchronize the actual state of progress by the user with the course of lesson delivery by the platform. Put simply, the feature is aimed to analyze the activities taking place between the platform server and the web browser.

At the server side, Progress and Lesson Analyzer will work to determine the learning abilities and skills of the user as well as will estimate his/her progress with the lesson plans in future. Most importantly, the feature is engineered to take into account the deficiencies the user may have with his/her particular educational level or current lesson plan. At client’s side, Progress and Lesson Analyzer will focus on making best possible prediction on the suitable lessons for users which will eventually help him/her to enhance skills and knowledge in a certain lesson plan or subject.

“We will continuously update the client’s side with new lessons that will be shown to users. We promise you a dynamic edutainment system over blockchain with our Little Detective”, stated Mr. Alan BEK, the CEO of Ixtus Edutainment.

Little Detective is based on a strategically designed curriculum framed by Singapore Education Ministry’s Kindergarten Curriculum Framework. It aims to create a holistic and interactive learning scenario for kids and also stresses on developing cognitive and motor skills for its little users.

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