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TheCurrencyAnalytics clinches $500k mutual investment deal with the 1st Comprehensive Global Digital Startup Ecosystem

TheCurrencyAnalytics has entered into a $500k worth mutual investment deal with Moolyacoin which is the 1st digital startup ecosystem in the world that will adopt a common transaction coin  for its global community of users.

September 25, 2018: TheCurrencyAnalytics is proud to declare its recent mutual investment partnership with new futuristic crypto platform MoolyaCoin. The leading crypto news resource online has entered into a $500k deal with the latest breakthrough platform which represents the world’s FIRST comprehensive global digital startup ecosystem.

Interestingly, it was Mr. Tudorache Alexandru, one of the senior advisors of Moolya ICO, who facilitated the mutual investment deal between the two portals.

Moolya Coin has already reached its soft cap and is now aiming for the hard cap.

Powered by advanced blockchain technology, Moolya is a patent-pending SaaS platform that aspires to create a state of the art ecosystem where users will have seamless opportunities as they explore, converge, conduct, collaborate, transact as well as service on the portal. MoolyaCoin is aspiring to promote MoolyaGlobal- the FIRST digital startup ecosystem in the world that will adopt a common transaction coin for its global community of users to help them access services of MoolyaGlobal. Moolya counts on time-tested concepts of chapters, subchapters, clusters, service cards, digital offices, business procedures, and workflows to perfectly emulate offline models of a sound startup ecosystem.

“Moolya stands out with its revolutionary Comprehensive Global Digital Startup Ecosystem which is an exclusive blend of marketplace, interaction network as well as on-demand service portal for the current startup ecosystem community. In fact, it’s the ONLY live global platform for all 6 startup communities including Ideators, Institutions, Startups, Companies, Investors and Service Providers & different other enablers. We are hopeful about Moolya’s mission to extend a unified digital platform powered by blockchain & smart contracts to build global trust. And, we are looking forward to take the news of Moolya ecosystem to the world through our platform”, stated Mr. Sydney Ifergan, the chief spokesperson of TheCurrencyAnalytics.

TheCurrencyAnalytics has released its new crypto coin TCAT recently with the aim to ensure REAL news for the crypto world. The term “REAL” here refers to:

  • Real news sourced from actual events
  • Ethical news stories penned by credible, unbiased and professional journalists
  • Attributive news stories where all the facts are thoroughly checked before publishing
  • Lasting news stories that can meaningfully contribute to conversations in crypto community

“TheCurrencyAnalytics is doing a great job by actively campaigning for truth, ethics and authenticity in the current crypto news scene. We believe in their vision and we were actually looking for such a partner who can convey our message in the most authentic, unbiased and judicious way possible. We are extremely glad to tie up with TheCurrencyAnalytics”, noted Mr. Tudorache Alexandru.

The Currency Analytics website: https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/

Moolya Coin website: https://www.moolyacoin.io/

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