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Dylyver – A ride sharing and on demand package delivery platform of blockchain era


Wouldn’t it be great to request a vehicle you like or easily ship your parcels at any desired time, bypassing intermediaries? This is what team behind Dylyver Technologies has been working on in the past several months. Dylyver has created a platform for drivers to connect with users that need on-demand private transportation services and link couriers with users that need to ship their packages. Dylyver aims to disrupt the transportation market by exploiting the benefits of blockchain technology and by introducing Dycoin token as a liquid payment unit within its ecosystem.

Together, Dylyver’s two proprietary mobile applications form one unique service and income platform for its participants:

  • A ridesharing solution that enables users to order a vehicle in a matter of seconds.
  • A decentralized peer-to-peer package delivery platform where users can ship their packages with people that are traveling in the same direction.

This project is an offspring of a New Zealand corporation. It was created by a team of specialists that for more than 8 years are engaged in the development of advanced transport and logistics solutions, using blockchain and mobile technologies. Dylyver has already successfully partnered with companies like IBM, Stripe, Credits, Araw, Bancor and Latoken. And this is just the beginning.

Dylyver’s mission is to change the concept of modern transportation and postal service. Very soon, given the professionalism and ambitions of the Dylyver team, Users will be able to safely and conveniently ship their parcels and request rides. Dylyver’s two mobile apps form a mutually beneficial system of services and earnings for all the participants on the platform. Dylyver also provides safe shipping and comfortable travel conditions, which is valuable for both sides.

The company has recently started its main token sale event (ICO), which will end on 31 of December 2018. Dylyver successfully created its token Dycoin, which is based on the Ethereum platform. The total supply of Dycoin (DYC) tokens is 500 million. The minimum quantity of DYC that you can purchase today on Dylyver webpage is 100 tokens. The cost of one DYC is currently 0.1 USD.

Blockchain technology integration

Dylyver’s mobile solutions use geolocation, payment system integration, smart contracts, and blockchain technology. Therefore, it can provide numerous advantages over a traditional business model of its competitors:

  • Secure transactions.
  • High level of trust.
  • Transparency of the system.
  • The absence of intermediaries.
  • Calculation and distribution of payments through “smart contracts”.
  • Maximum convenience when using the services for drivers and couriers.
  • Instant payments and payouts.
  • Rating formation. Users, drivers, and couriers will be able to check each other’s reputation. It will be an excellent incentive for quality provision of services.

Dylyver’s main advantages

The creators of the project use blockchain and referral program as their two primary advantages of this two-sided market to improve the experience and optimize delivery efficiency and attract loyal users, offering to generate passive income through ridesharing and package delivery services. Main advantages include:

  • Secure and instant payments. Smart contracts and integration of ridesharing and package delivery applications with blockchain will enable the creation of a decentralized system. After a successful trip or package delivery, the transaction amount will be instantly transferred from the customer’s wallet to the drivers or courier’s wallet.
  • The absence of a third person. Dylyver eliminates the user’s dependency on payment systems and their commissions, allows couriers and drivers to receive quick and fair payments.
  • Creation of a hybrid system. Not everyone has a crypto wallet nowadays. Only a few really are interested in cryptocurrency and have relevant knowledge about it, therefore, a hybrid platform will be created that combines virtual currency and traditional fiat payments. The management team of the company is planning to make a smooth transition from payments in traditional currency to payments in Dycoin tokens over time.
  • Parcel insurance. Blockchain and “smart contracts” will enable the creation of a safe, transparent and reliable delivery platform, where all parcels are 100% insured against theft and damage.

Dylyver solutions

Let’s take a quick look at Dylyver’s applications. They are simple, easy to use and will be understood by everyone. Sending a package or requesting a vehicle via Dylyver apps is fast and easy. And you don’t need to have cash or a debit card with you. You can always use Dylyver tokens. Just place a request and in a few minutes, your chosen vehicle or courier will stand at the doorstep of your house.

Dylyver Drive

This is a ridesharing platform that allows you to request a vehicle with a single click of a button. You will find a wide range of in-app parameters to meet your needs and requirements. Thanks to Dylyver Drive you will be able to:

  • Track the driver real time in the application.
  • Order the category of the vehicle that fits your style and budget.
  • Pre-set your friend’s location as the destination of your trip.
  • Add trusted drivers to your trip.
  • Share your location with friends and family.
  • Pay for your trip with Dycoin tokens, cash or debit card.
  • Plan your trip immediately or schedule it on the future date.

Dylyver Cargo

Service that allows you to ship your valuable packages with people that are traveling in the same direction. Advantages that Dylyver Cargo app offers you:

  • Track your delivery nonstop from pick up location to destination.
  • You can be a sender, a courier or a recipient.
  • Automatic payment after the successful delivery of the parcel.
  • Share the shipping costs with the recipient.
  • Communicate with the courier through the chat.
  • Add reliable couriers to your shipment.
  • All the couriers are responsible for the security of the parcel.

Dylyver Market

Company’s users will be also encouraged and incentivized by Dylyver Market – Dylyver’s proprietary referral program. In order to exponentially grow its user base Dylyver team has developed a bonus program whereby users earn continuous referral payments from all the drivers and couriers they invite. Existing users can invite acquaintances, family, and friends into the program and start receiving bonus payments each time their referrals transport people or deliver packages for others.

For more details please visit: https://ico.dylyver.com/

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