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Ibinex Reports On Market Capitalization and White Label Platforms


Ibinex reports that the U.S. Dollar has lost more than 80% of its purchasing power in the past 40 years.  Bitcoin used to be the dominant coin in the crypto market.  However, the rising shares of Altcoins have altered the stature of Bitcoin. The market share of bitcoin is continuing to decline ever since 2017.  The report furnishes the details of the findings by using graphs and charts.

The market cap of cryptocurrencies as reported by Ibinex for August 2018 was at 44.16% for Bitcoin, Ethereum 18.5%, Ripple 7.31%, Bitcoin Cash 4.9%, EOS at 3.09%, Litecoin 1.87%, Cardano 1.49%, Stellar 1.48%, Other at 17.21%.

It is only in China that cryptocurrency has been declared to be illegal.    The market report also examines the different aspects of trading like regulation, wallets, payments, stable coins, usage and the market for blockchain technology.

The report examines the state of the cryptocurrency industry in the United States, and it reports that nearly 92% of Americans do not own cryptocurrency and only 8% own it, of which the crypto ownership is 21.8% in Men and 8.9% in Women. In the first financial quarter, the report states that the firms raised nearly $12 billion.

Ibinex states “All those institutions looking to have their own cryptocurrency exchange, white label platforms are the ideal solution.”

The White Label Platforms are customizable to suit user preferences and the requirements of the business.  Every exchange provider will manage every technical aspect of the platform.   The enterprise should list the tokens and the assets they are offering for investors who are interested in trading them. The platform also permits one to incorporate brand, logo design and other aspects of their business in the exchange.

Grunfeld, the CEO of Ibenex stated, “White label platform provides with a one-stop solution for several glitches that one should face while starting a cryptocurrency exchange. Starting from KYC to onboarding, every technicality for efficient management is facilitated. The money and time saved by purchasing and using the white label exchange can be invested in marketing and improving the quality of the business. The branding aspect will make your business distinct from competitors.”

There is an increasing need for a company who will provide with a complete cryptocurrency solution.  Since a White Label Platform provider develops main components like trade engines, admin panel, UI and more, all the buyer has to do is to customize their innovative ideas into the engines.

There are still people who have no or very little knowledge about the world of cryptocurrency.  However, in countries like Japan, Bitcoin has been declared to be legal, and several airlines have integrated cryptocurrency payments.  With regulatory laws and statutes being proclaimed in different nations on different terms, there will be increasing requirements for more of such customizable platforms.

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