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Johan Ditz Lemche is New CEO of Malta Exchange

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Johan Ditz Lemche is the New CEO of Malta Exchange. Rick Klink will take up the position of being the Executive Chairman.  The board of directors for MDX’s are thus solidified.

John holds several board positions in the financial markets.  He has an international background working for some of the major specialized banks of European Origin.  He is well-known for his advanced technical knowledge and management capabilities.  He is the member of FMAM.

FMAM stands for Financial Markets Association Malta. Being the committee member of FMAM he has authored several educational materials about the financial markets and the related best practices for the industry. Johan carries the sufficient expertise to manage MDX.

During the launch of their institutional grade security token exchange, The Malta Digital Exchange stated that “Australia’s Paritech technology will be applying to the Malta Financial Services Authority for leveraging on their institutional grade security token exchange.”

It is well known that Malta is in the forefront and has been the forerunner in the blockchain regulatory process by providing the appropriate regulatory framework. Malta, therefore, provides with the perfect jurisdiction for the functioning of an institutional grade platform with customizable options designed exclusively for high volume and high-performance clients in the B2B sector.

Security tokens are going to disrupt the existing trends in the capital markets as they offset several negatives in the traditional models.  They can connect the companies that are looking to raise capital with the financiers who are willing to fund for such projects.  This the platform will be bridging the game between the traditional financial markets and asset tokenization using crypto assets.

Johan will be working the regulators at the local level to bring MDX online.  They will be focusing on spearheading the growth of MDX by working on the “Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) Exchange and Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) licenses.”

Johan Ditz Lemche stated, “I’m looking forward to stepping into the challenges of the CEO position at MDX.  I am honored by the trust invested in me by the board. We do have the right team. Our vision is to be ranked as the world’s premier securities token exchange.  We will which will enable greater market efficiency, improved accessibility, easy liquidity and complete transparency within the capital markets.” He further added that “Malta’s new regulation has set the framework and it us for us to execute.”

Of note, different tokens operate under the regulatory norms of their respective jurisdictions. Leaseum Partners, offering security tokens operate with top level portfolio managers. These managers are usually reserved to institutional investors and high net worth individuals. This is just another instance of dedicated human skill for fund management.

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