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TCR form to Complain on Security Tokens – Whistleblower Protection Programs

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ICOs according to US Securities and Exchange Commission, come under the SECs Jurisdiction.  These securities need to be registered.  Some of them may fall under the exemption to the registration process.

There are many terms and wordiness that can be used to ICOs.  This is particularly true with Security tokens.  Merely calling them utility tokens and structuring them in a way to provide for some utility will not make them as Utility Tokens.  This might not necessarily exempt them from being considered as security.

Some ICOs are honest investment opportunities, yet there are several others which are frauds that will be about ultimately landing you in a situation where you will have to forfeit your investment.  The promises of guaranteed returns and a fortune for the future should be clearly analysed.  There will be little recourse for relief after a hacking incident or a loss that occurred after manipulation of a particular kind.

There are several questions that will come in the minds of the individual investor when considering to invest in the rapid growth pattern of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).  Those who are considering an ICO might be wondering if it is legal or right and sometimes might even be interrogating into whether it is a scam.

Investors who are considering SEC should ask of themselves a few questions to unfold the legality, suitability for investment and to identify the probabilities of a scam.

Most of the unregistered offers and sale of securities have a high probability of being Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid Schemes, and high yield investments.  Anyone who has experienced theft or misappropriation of funds from any of the exchanges can make a complaint through the TCR form.

When you have suffered a money misappropriation scam, it will not be possible for you to provide with information that you do not possess.  However, the critical information that you provide should be truthful to the best of your knowledge.

It is not good to will-fully submit fictitious, false and fraudulent statements to the Securities Exchange Commission as such complainants will be commissioned to criminal sanctions. After the complaint, the Exchange will decide on appropriate enforcement actions.

The information provided in the TCR form to complain about security token and Digital Asset Fraud will be used to initiate administrative proceedings or civil proceedings where one of the SEC members or Staff participate as a party.

Whistleblower programs reward those who come forward with information about securities fraud and other wrongdoings.

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