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Bitcoin (BTC) At 6-week Low Increased Hash Rate by 55% Adoption Despite Downtrend

Jerome Powell, US Fed Chairman signalled aggressive rate hikes to deal with rising inflation.  The war cris...

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People Curious to Know if Microstrategy is Selling Bitcoin (BTC)

There were rumours about Michael Saylor secretly planning to sell Bitcoin. And, obviously the social media ...

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Bitcoin (BTC) Ecosystem Evolving with Retailors Investors Institutions Showing Adoption

Increasing numbers of businesses are willing to accept cryptocurrencies to improve their business.

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Holding Bitcoin (BTC) to the Grave Will not Suit an Average Retail Investor

Forecasting the movement of the price of securities helps identify a line which will connect the common pri...

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Bitcoin (BTC) Vs. Real Estate Not Even Yours Random Musings and Real-Time Opinions

Who would invest in new business when the cost of capital is that much higher? Today there is an incentive ...

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