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Maheen Hernandez By Maheen Hernandez January 12, 2020 0
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The planned Agharta Protocol for Ethereum Classic went live as scheduled on January 12, 2020. The hard fork went live on block 9,573,000.  The test networks Morden, Mordor, and Kotti, were implemented successfully before the implementation of Agharta.

Agharta added ETH Constantinople opcodes to ETC’s main net.  Agharta upgrade was meant to make Ethereum Classic more interoperable and to improve the compatibility between ETC and ETH.

ETC Cooperative had previously instructed node operators to update their nodes before January 12, 2020. Further, ETC Cooperate stated that it was not a “contentious hard fork” rather a routine protocol upgrade.”

The upgrade for Ethereum Classic’s Agharta included:  “1. Constantinople bitwise shifting instructions. 2. Constantinople skinny CREATE2 opcode.  3. Constantinople EXTCODEHASH opcode.”

Bob Summerwill will tweeted:  “We have successfully upgraded the #ethereumclassic mainnet to Agharta! Many congratulations to everybody who played a part in this. It is a great achievement so soon after Atlantis. We are getting practiced 🙂 Onward!”

Sydney Ifergan, Founder at The Currency Analytics tweeted: “There is no end to improving something. ETC Agharta Upgrade just proved it right.”

ETC Cooperative tweeted:  “Thanks to everybody who had a hand in this! It is a great achievement that we have come successfully upgraded network twice in four months!”

Bob Summerwill will Executive Director of Ethereum Classic stated that ETC is trying to consolidate with certain clients with full servers who would be enabling network processing requests.

Agharta and Atlantis are both a part of the rebuilding efforts of Forked Ethereum Classic and Ethereum, improving on the technical ties between the community and the two blockchains.

Agharta Improves Bullish Sentiments for the ETC Token

Following Agharta, the Social media engagement for ETC has increased, and the sentiments are bullish for the token.  The upgrade was not meant to create a new token.

 “Ethereum Classic (ETC) traded 1.4% lower versus the dollar and is now trading at $5.52 or 0.00067653 BTC.”

Binance previously extended their support for the Aghartha Network Upgrade.  Binance handled the technical requirements for all users holding ETC in their Binance Accounts.

The exchange previously stated that they would reopen deposits and withdrawals of ETC the sooner the upgrade is complete, and the network is restored properly.

Zion Harmon previously tweeted:  “Convinced I can’t live without it…. #etc.

The Agharta has features similar to Atlantis.  Ethereum will also be enabling the St. Petersberg and Constantinople Upgrade.

Consolidation was seen at select chains.  “Geth Classic is being deprecated and won’t be supported after this pending fork, and it looks like most node operators are taking the advice and migrating off.”

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