Cardano Unfolding Institutional Era Using Cryptocurrencies Waiting Sharding 2020

By Steven Anderson January 22, 2020 Off
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The first biweekly newsletter of 2020 stated, “The entire team worked tirelessly to get three years’ work done in a mere 12 months.”  The newsletter recounted the big wins of 2019.  The team expressed their pride in having accomplished their five missions in the past year.  A reinstatement was made about how the community will focus on driving the adoption of Cardano enforcing to “shape legislative and commercial standards, ensure stakeholder accountability and facilitate partnerships. “

The time for the next release is nearing, and we might get to see the details of scheduled releases.   The community is already working in line with the general plan scheduled for 2020.

Nathan Kaiser, General Counsel to IOHK, the technology company founded by Jeremy Wood and Charles Hoskinson called Cardano as the “most useful cryptocurrency ever constructed.”

The Cardano Community believes “Project #CARDANO, project of the whole world.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Cardano, Disrupting the Future: #FinancialMarkets Evolutions. I’m waiting to see the fun unfold.  I am a fan of Cardano, in the way they are unfolding the Institutional Era using cryptocurrencies. Cardano is getting attractive day by day for the solid results they deliver.”

With the new OBFT Hardfork, there will be no new ADA coins or Coin Swaps as it is just a Protocol Upgrade.  The OBFT Hardfork is expected to take place in February.

Cardano and IBM

Cardano has partnered with IBM on “A software distribution project that would have been commissioned by the European Union.”

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano, opined that the project would pick up in progress in a few weeks.  A 39-page paper about decentralized software updates is out, and the founder is already proud of it. However, he opines that they have not yet done the best job of communicating with everyday people.

Cardano ADA Market Price Trends

It is expected that the price of ADA will increase following improvements in the current projects. 

The price of the ADA currently trends at $0.045. The price of Cardano has been facing a tough resistance at the time of writing the news.  ADA is trending at the resistance level between 0.045 and 0.046. If the current resistance is broken down, buying would be facilitated at the resistance zones of $0.055 and $0.064 in the future. The price is trending at the make or breakpoint.  We need to see if the price will be sustained in the ranges.

Cardano is counting on Sharding working in 2020 to improve on the scalability and eventually, mass adoption.

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