Zcash (ZEC) Expecting Thoughtful Projects in the Gitcoin Hackathon

By Steven Anderson June 11, 2020 Off
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The Gitcoin Hackathon, Protect Privacy Virtual Hackathon begins on June 15, 2020. Developers are welcomed for the event, which is all set to be until June 29, 2020, to build a new reality.

In this event, the developers will be competing for more than $6,000 in bounty prizes.  The developers will be building applications, which use Shielded ZCash.  Developers will be able to leverage the existing libraries for applications like the mobile wallet SDKs.  They will be able to make use of shielded transactions in an entirely new way.

The submission requirements have been clearly defined.  The project is to be open source.  The shielded Zcash transactions are to be the fundamental element of the application. The app should do something useful and exciting.  The app should have the potential to score better if it has a greater appeal to a wider audience.  Every submission should include a project summary, a product brief, and team bios.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “There is a lot of research happening in terms of the Zcash Network privacy approach, the ZF grants make it happen.”

With the demand for privacy increasing than ever before, applications that can assure privacy to their users are in high demand.  The Tor Network is a major part of providing the solution.  There are a lot of challenges in terms of scaling when trying to provide for security in the network. The Walking Onions proposal recently submitted a set of protocols, which can help improve the scalability for the TOR network.

ZCash (ZEC) New Appointments

ZCash Foundation tweeted:  “We are thrilled to announce that @yaahc_ and Teor have joined the Zcash Foundation as Rust Systems Engineers, where they’ll be focused on accelerating the Foundation’s ambitious engineering roadmap. Welcome to them both!”

Yaah expressed, “I’m super excited to be working professionally on rust at a non-profit where I’ll be paid help build up both the zcash and rust communities.”

Teor has experience working in privacy-preserving protocols and large-scale anonymity networks.  Teor being a core Tor community member, has contributed to multiple privacy-related open-source projects.

ZEC Wallet tweeted:  “Zecwallet Android is now available on the Google Play Store!”

These days privacy ideals are already mainstream. The beginning days of Zcash (ZEC) per Electric Coin Company did not have a lot of freedom-protecting technologies.  Now, they are like everywhere; however, they need to be streamlined for practical use.

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