FIRST blockchain-powered edutainment platform starts expansion discussion with distribution in China and South East Asia Countries – offering 10% bonus this week on Token Sale

Sydney Ifergan By Sydney Ifergan August 17, 2018 Off
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Little Detective will be initially rolled out in China , followed by a second phase that will be held in Vietnam and Indonesia.

August 17, 2018: After raising a storm in both crypto and academic worlds with its innovative blockchain infrastructure, Little Detective by Ixtus Edutainment is currently on an expansion spree. The FIRST blockchain-powered edutainment platform has announced to start expansion discussion soon followed by distribution in China and South East Asian countries.

Little Detective is presently running its ICO and a handy 10% bonus is on the table for investors this week.

As the FIRST edutainment portal in the crypto space, Little Detective is focused on developing countries which suffer from lack of easy availability and accessibility to quality education. The initial launch of Little Detective platform will start from China which currently records a heightened internet usage, totaling to 751 million users as of July 2017. The Sino stage marks the first phase of the launch of the platform and it will start 12 months after the token sale.

“With China getting more open to the Western world, Western ideas on ‘developmentally appropriate practices’, goals of creativity, critical thinking and autonomy are predicted to cast a strong influence on early child education in the country today. We are also witnessing a steady growth of online and app-based education providers in China of late which is all set to wage a revolution in the contemporary Sino academic scene”, stated Mr. Bek, the CEO of Ixtus Edutainment.

“Ixtus holds strong collaboration with new-age educational partners in the country who have been working here since the 1990s. We are banking on such connections and the strength of our partners to launch & market Little Detective successfully in China.”

The second phase of the launch of Little Detective will be carried in Vietnam and  Indonesia and it will begin 24 months after the token sale.

“English is fast getting incorporated in the primary education in many non-English speaking nations across Asia. But lack of a proper curriculum forces teachers to depend on textbooks as a substitute of comprehensive curriculum. Moreover, highly-populous countries like Indonesia and Vietnam are marred with shortage in quality teachers as well as proper training, development, resourcing and teaching methods which prevent educational policies to produce a constructive result here. With our innovative Little Detective, we are looking forward to bridge the gap so that we can bring quality & structured education to the academic system in these countries.”