Altcoins Are Expected To Trend Sideways For The Next 6 Months

By dan saada October 20, 2019 Off

A code hidden in WAV files has been used to mine cryptocurrencies.  Antivirus developers have found that when listening to these files, listeners were able to listen to music files as well as stationary noise.

The methods used for this kind of illegal mining of cryptocurrency is known as steganography. In this method, any file can be hidden in any record of any format.

Zcash is all set to come up with a ZEC token, which will be able to work on the Ethereum blockchain.  The developers are focusing on releasing wrapped token, which will be released in the next six months.  The ZEC token will provide for anonymous transactions and automated loans through the network.

The interoperability feature will provide for the copying of ZEC token traits to smart contracts. 

It was published, “If you want to do lending, if you want to do DAOs, all of that stuff could be done with ZCash as well. … Ultimately, we want ZCash shielded to be usable in Ethereum smart contracts.”

The price of the Cardano is currently under the bearish grip.  The coin has been doing reasonably well until July; however, from July, the fortune of the currency changed completely.  If the bearish trend of the token continued, the price would go further low down.

The use of Dash is growing steadily in Venezuela.  The token has been providing excellent user experience and also for great adoption features.  The low transaction fees are indeed a great incentive.  The ease of use makes this token easy in the mass adoption process.  Dash enjoys consistent popularity.

Several tweets on the cryptocurrency are particularly bullish on Ethereum, EOS, and XRP.  Ethereum has not been promoting itself aggressively like several other tokens by making bets on social media.  The ETH price trends are not doing well in the short term.  For those who know the token and its prospects agree that it is going to do well in the long term.

Several Altcoin miners are meanwhile leaving different networks due to low fees.  Altcoins are likely to consolidate for nearly six months or even more, and they might eventually kick with an uptrend during the short-term, regardless of how Bitcoin trends, Altcoins are expected to trend sideways for the next six months.

The overall market volatility is having cryptocurrencies like TCAT tokens, and others reach out for shelter; however, it is just a matter of time before these tokens can take charge of their share in the market.