Nuxgame Embraces the Shiba Inu Revolution: Introduces SHIB Payments for Gaming Enthusiasts

In a thrilling turn of events, the bearish Shiba Inu (SHIB) market might soon receive a much-needed boost, ...


Creating in-game Economies Entirely Powered by Cryptocurrency

The online gaming industry is driving the growth of the blockchain to unprecedented heights. In-Game econom...


Cryptocurrency To Facilitate Peer-To-Peer Trading of Virtual Assets Between Players

Cryptocurrencies; Non-fungible tokens (NFTs); In-Game assets like skins, weapons, avatars; Virtual real est...


Axie Infinity Cryptocurrency As A Reward For In-Game Achievements

Using cryptocurrency as a reward for completing achievements is an interesting concept because it allows pl...


Play-To-Earn Cryptocurrency Games In-Game Economies and More

Cryptocurrency games are video games or online games that incorporate cryptocurrencies or blockchain techno...

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