Exercise Caution in Every Kind of Cryptocurrency Investment Big or Small With or Without Positive Catalysts For Growth

By Steven Anderson February 25, 2019 Off

Total market capitalization, daily trading volumes, key obstacles to entry, positive catalysts that will quicken the growth of the crypto are just a few of the many factors that every investor will check for before investing in any token.

They launched Ethereum to facilitate decentralized applications, which will run exactly for what they are programmed for.  They have launched TCAT Tokens trying to help change the cryptocurrency world with real news. So, every cryptocurrency is launched with a particular use case, providing for a worthy reason to invest.

Not every cryptocurrency capable of doing everything that other tokens do.  Each of them is unique. Some have unique features, and some have overlapping features.

While all cryptocurrencies are being advertised as better alternatives for fiat money, several people are fed up with bigger institutions who are looking for alternatives for fiat currency. There are too many overwhelming alternatives already around.  The distrust in the banks is not new.  It has been around for quite some time now.

Laura Higgins, from ASIC’s being the executive leader has to say “It’s really inspiring where a lot of young people are looking at different and creative ways of investment and exploring things beyond, perhaps, the traditional financial institutions.”

Dr. Markey-Towler says an economist states, “There are alternatives to dealing with the traditional banks; you just have to be careful, savvy and willing to engage with them.”  He previously stated, “We are seeing a convergence of technological advance which is providing some serious competition.”

While Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dodge Coin, Stellar Lumens and several other new coins including TCAT Tokens are around, for many people, the idea of how these coins work or become money is a continuing mystery in the story. Some of them think it is a bank ledger.  Thus it provides with clear documentation of the buying power of everybody stored.  To others, it is easy to transact with.

However, there are very few people who are willing to hand over their Bitcoin to pay for coffee, despite several such offers being already up and running in the market.

With bigger and bigger institutions taking to cryptocurrency, “Eventually you should be able to pay for something like your groceries or your rent.” Per Laura Higgins.

Being an unregulated transaction without a central regulatory body, when something goes wrong, there is no recourse. While regulators are working on the regulatory framework and they play a significant role in the future of personal finance of individuals, there is a need to exercise caution. Borrowers might be able to get a lower interest rate than traditional lenders.

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